Monday, March 17, 2008

Challenge contest winners!

Tonight we had our monthly quilt meeting and the results of the challenge quilt were revealed. The theme was reflections and we had to use these two fabrics as a starting point. Here are the inspiration fabrics:

Since I did not participate in the challenge, I was asked to be one of the four judges.We are such a small guild we had only 11 entries but oh what imagination!We basically followed the quilt judging guidelines of the Vermont Quilters Festival which I found on their website. It was SO much fun! Here are some of the pics:

This is the winning quilt made by Marcella our former president and creator of this year's BOM. She hand appliqued and hand quilted this beauty using lots of batiks. It is called 'Nature's Kiss' and depicts an hibiscus blossom with it's reflection. Hibiscus shrubs are found in gardens all over Riyadh.

I really liked this cute little quilt made by Marcella's daughter. I like its modern quirky feel. Doesn't it make you think of Joel Dewberry?

This quilt was so well thought out and just overflowed with minute details. Glady's unique use of materials makes this quilt a standout. Check out the wall-paper, the blue velvet slippers and the image of Marilyn in the mirror! Even the curtain tie-back is braided. It's entitled 'As Young As You Feel' and we should all have that lady's confidence!

This quilt won third place and I could take hours just looking at all the details. It's a collage of machine applique.

Here is a closer look at some of the details.

Isn't this amazing?

This is a cute machine-appliqued piece. I just love the sky and earth blocks.

This color combination was interesting. Sort of reminds me of Xmas ornaments.

I like the way she mounted this convergence quilt on point. I might need to get some of that butterfly fabric from you Sitti!


Lisa Boyer said...

For being such a small group, you certainly have a lot of talent. I love these early morning quilt shows...thank you! I loved the Winter Memory quilt...please pass on my compliments to the maker. All the quilts are lovely!

Kim said...

What great quilts! It must have been awfully hard to pick the best! I love the humor in the one with Marilyn Monroe in the mirror--isn't that how we all see ourselves, to some extent?! ROFLOL!

Sunflora said...

I will remember to bring that butterfly fabric next time we meet :)