Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Dubai International Quilt Show 2008

I would like to include some corrections to this posting as follows: This is detail of the cathedral window quilt named 'Mount Everest' by Nora Shafi which won 2nd prize at the Dubai International Quilt Show. It also won 'Best in Show' at the Al-Khobar Quilt Show in 2007.

This is a full shot picture of Nora's Mt. Everest Quilt. It was really impressive! She won a Bernina 440 QE machine for this quilt when it was entered in the Al-Khobar Show. You can see a better picture of it on Nora's website.

I just got back from Dubai ( yes, AGAIN!). We had the most fantastic, fun time attending the first Dubai International Quilt Show. Six members of our little quilt guild went including me and we had a great time. We met the most extraordinary people - quilters from all over! The show was hosted by the local Bernina dealer - Classic Quilts and Quilting.

This quilt was "Best of Show". It's really impressive up close. The colors and the quilting are wonderful.

This quilt was done in degradations of black to white by a Saudi quilt artist named Nora Shafi. She won 3rd prize for this quilt at the Dubai International Quilt Show. It was really nice meeting such a talented quilter. She is from Jubail in the eastern province of Saudi Arabia. You can read about her at her website. 

When you stand back or when you look through the camera you see the full effect of this quilt! Neat, Huh?

This is another one of Nora Shafi's quilts which also won 1st prize in the small pieced category at the Al-Khobar Quilt Show in Saudi Arabia. It is machine quilted very beautifully with silver-colored thread.

 The colors and the applique of this quilt were amazing!

This quilt won a prize in the miniature category - very simple and beautiful!

A very pretty quilt by Svanhild Olsen-Nalum, a member of the Dubai Quilter's Guild who is originally from Norway.

This quilt was made for Quilt Pink to raise funds for Breast Cancer research.

No, this is not my quilt but I've made on just like it! It was hanging (oddly enough) next to another quilt that I have the pattern and material for and that I plan to make soon!


CONNIE W said...

Denise, these are stunning quilts. I love the first one of the women in a group, wow, how beautiful it is. Thank you for sharing the photos. CW

Lisa Boyer said...

The quilts are amazing. The "Best in Show" quilt is wonderful! I also like the colors in that applique quilt--I think that one is my favorite. Thanks for taking us to the quilt show today; I've got the flu, so it was nice to get out of the house, even though it was just a virtual trip...

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Thanks for posting the pictures. I love to see what others are doing everywhere around the world. Of course I gotta love the apples!

Svanhild Olsen - Nalum said...

Nora Shafis quilts are amazing. As a beginner I am pleased to be compared with her.
The flower wreth quilt you presents as another of her quilts, is not hers, its mine.
You can se it on the Dubai Quilters Guild web site. Members quilts.
I started to make quilts 3 years ago, when I moved to Dubai from Norway.