Thursday, January 3, 2008

Does anyone know what kind of tree this is?

My friend has this tree in her yard and she just loves it! It has a silvery trunk and medium-sized, heart-shaped leaves that flutter slightly with every breeze. Sort of like a quaking aspen but with larger leaves. I took a picture of her tree but I could not get the whole thing in the frame so remembering seeing this tree at the Four Season's Hotel here in downtown Riyadh I went out over there and shot this view of it. The guard looked at me like I was crazy as I jumped out of my car and ran up on the lawn at mid-day with my camera. I managed to grab a leaf too!

It's such a nice change from the ever present palm tree and the fresh green reminds me of home. My DH is keen on planting one in the garden of our new villa here in Riyadh but I don't know the name of this tree. I think it might be a species of ficus? If anyone knows out there I would really like the info so that I can research it and talk with the landscaper about getting one for us. So far we're not completely happy with what he has chosen and we would like to make some changes. Over at J-A's house her tree has grown so tall that it reaches her second floor! Now wouldn't that be a nice thing to see from your bedroom window?! Green is good for the soul just look at that leaf!

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